Our Services

Construction Management

Partner with a dedicated Construction Manager (CM), who will oversee your entire project. Your CM will communicate with everyone on your project while maintaining your schedule, budget, and quality standards. Your process will be as smooth and stress-free as possible, as your CM plans, coordinates, and supervises your project from idea to completion. They’ll operate with your best interests in mind, informing you of any possible concerns along the way.

General Construction Management

Have a skilled general contractor oversee your project through every stage. Additions, renovations, restorations, or new buildings entirely: We do it all. No matter the size or scope, we’ll take the stress out of your projects by overseeing every aspect. Count on our experience and honest communication to get through your construction project painlessly.

New Building Construction

Whether you’re building the home of your dreams or extending your business to new markets, we’re ready to get in on the ground floor with you. We’ll manage all the moving parts needed to create your new building, keeping you updated the entire way. We’re experienced with a diverse range of construction projects, so let’s get started on yours!

Project Value Engineering

Get the highest value with the lowest possible cost. Our detailed analysis will inform you on how to meet your project goals. Our analysis will take into account any factor that can impact your project, including contingency planning. We’ll keep you on scope, within budget, and on-time by evaluating your project in advance and giving you clear expectations.

Pre-Construction Services

Before beginning construction, we’ll work with you to define your project and outline how it will proceed. We’ll determine whether your project is feasible, identify where complications might arise, and give you clear expectations before construction begins. You’ll know just how the process will go and when to expect each phase to be completed. For the smoothest possible building process, start with our pre-construction services!

Quality Control Methods

Delivering quality on every project starts with the communication between our field representatives and our home office. We review technique and material quality every day. Our superintendents communicate with subcontractors for all installation processes. Proper and precise implementation of designs is guaranteed by communication between our architects and MEP engineers. Meanwhile, you’ll be kept up to date with proactive notifications about any project concerns.


The scheduling of a project is one of the main factors that will determine its success. Our project managers create schedules with SureTrak, a project management software specialized in resource planning and reporting. We use the Critical Path Method to determine the fastest possible turnaround times and inform our schedules. We’ll consistently communicate with you and the rest of our team on how the project is progressing.

Project Management and Cost Control

While managing your construction project, your budget is at the forefront of our planning. After your project plans are finalized, we’ll estimate the final cost based on the required labor, materials, and overhead. Our cost control plan will prevent the project from going over budget due to unforeseen expenses, and might even include a contingency plan to keep you on budget.