What is Preconstruction?

Before building begins, preconstruction services determine the plan and goals for a project. The client will hire an experienced partner to create a plan and educate them on what they can realistically expect.

This is an essential first step to any building project because it lets you know if your project is feasible. For larger or more complex construction, preconstruction services are even more crucial. You’ll go into your construction with confidence, background, and a comprehensive report regarding your project.

What is the Preconstruction Process?

Preconstruction usually includes an engineering assessment, which will look into whether your space is suited for its new use. This includes looking at systems such as plumbing and electric on an existing building or assessing your lot before new construction. You’ll also receive an initial design based on measurements of your space. This will help you visualize your end result and further plan out your building with your contractor.

The engineering assessment and initial design will then inform how the project will proceed. Your preconstruction contractor will provide you with a preliminary budget, responsibility matrix, and preliminary schedule to begin your project with. These guidelines will change as decisions are finalized, but they provide an educated starting point.

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