What is Project Value Engineering?

Project value engineering evaluates the most efficient way to meet the goals of a project. An independent review will provide the client with an in-depth analysis of how to achieve the highest value at the lowest cost. This step is an important part of completing a project on time and within budget.

It’s best to include value engineering on the front end of your project, though it can be done at any stage. Completing this process before beginning construction can save you from issues due to last-minute design changes, cost overruns, or expecting too much out of your contractors.

Why is Project Value Engineering Important?

Having an independent reviewer analyze your project gives it the best chance for success. You’ll know before you start if you need to adjust your expectations or design based on your time constraints or budget. We recommend starting your project with value engineering, since making adjustments is a lot easier on the front end.

Why Should You Choose Feasterco?

Value engineering is one of Feasterco’s specialties. We’ve facilitated many clients in making sure their scope and design fit within their budget. Our expertise on what’s realistic is based on 35 years of completing projects like yours. We take your goals and needs into account to provide the best value decision for a successful project you can be proud of.

Feasterco is no stranger to the many aspects that go into large-scale projects. With 100 years of combined experience, we’re comfortable with the costs and time that go into each project. We’re happy to share our expertise with you to create your next project within your budget!

Client satisfaction is always our goal. That’s why 70% of our clients come back and work with us again. Partner with us on your next project for a smooth process and results you can be proud of!