What is Construction Quality Control?

Construction quality is determined by how closely a project aligns with the Scope of Work. This document sets the standards and expectations for the construction based on the client’s goals. Ultimately, the quality is how successfully the finished construction matches what the client set out to build.
The overall quality will include the condition of materials used and how skillfully work was completed. It also takes into account whether the project was completed on budget and on time. Overall, it looks at whether the client’s needs were met to determine whether the project was successful.

Quality Control You Can Trust!

Quality is one of Feasterco’s core values. We achieve quality in each of our projects by having high standards, communicating with our stakeholders, and informing clients of any issues as soon as possible. Our quality control measures focus on communication and being present to address concerns.

Our field representatives and their dedication to communication play a large part in our quality control procedures. They review installation techniques and material quality daily to ensure that your construction holds up to inspection. Our superintendents communicate with all necessary subcontractors to ensure flawless installations. We’ll also be in touch with the project’s architect and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) Engineers to ensure your design comes to life with precision and functionality.

Let Feasterco Manage Your Next Construction Project!

With over 100 years of combined experience, Feasterco provides expert construction management for the smoothest process possible. We have the confidence and knowledge to identify and overcome any obstacle.

Feasterco prioritizes transparent, proactive communication with our clients so you’ll know our status every step of the way. We’re happy to communicate with all stakeholders on your behalf, always keeping your vision in mind.

Client satisfaction is always our goal. That’s why 70% of our clients come back and work with us again. Partner with us on your next project for a smooth process and results you can be proud of!