The Construction Scheduling Process

Scheduling a construction project can set it up for success or cause problems throughout the process. Determining a construction schedule should be done before any construction begins. The schedule will include dates for each phase of production and the completion date for the project.

To create a construction schedule, a contractor will need to determine how they’ll complete the project, separate out the necessary steps, and set realistic goals of when each phase should begin. The schedule will also detail who is responsible for each step of the process so that stakeholders are not pushed past their limits during construction.

Why is a Construction Schedule Important?

A well-planned construction schedule doesn’t just keep your project on schedule. It can have a financial impact as well and determine whether your project comes in under budget. A good schedule manages labor, materials, equipment to keep costs minimal.

Trust Feasterco with Your Construction Schedule!

Feasterco uses scheduling as a measure of how successful our projects are. Our project managers create schedules with SureTrak, a project management software specialized in resource planning and reporting. Knowing that our planning affects your bottom line, we create schedules that keep your budget in mind with flexibility for unexpected events.


We determine the fastest possible turnaround times using the Critical Path Method. With this method, tasks that are dependent on other tasks are accounted for within the schedule. This means that we won’t have downtime waiting for one task to be completed before another can begin. By streamlining our schedules this way, you get your construction completed faster!

While we maintain our schedule, we’ll always be keeping you informed. We prioritize transparent, proactive communication with our clients so you’ll know our status every step of the way.

Client satisfaction is always our goal. That’s why 70% of our clients come back and work with us again. Partner with us on your next project for a smooth process and results you can be proud of!